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by Project Brazen and Goat Rodeo in partnership with PRX. Hosted by Nicky Woolf.

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Apr 11, 2023

Bonus: Live from the International Spy Museum

This week’s episode comes in collaboration with SpyCast, a podcast featuring in-depth conversations from the world of global intelligence and espionage. In this bonus, you’ll get to listen in on a panel discussion recorded live at the International Spy Museum in Washington, DC.

Guests: Dr. Andrew Hammond (Moderator), Marc Polymeropolous, Mark Zaid

Mar 13, 2023

Chapter 8: Hammers and Nails

We answer our central question: What happened here? And we try to chart the path forward for “Havana Syndrome” victims.

Guests: Marc Polymeropolous, Ken Jones, Doug Ferguson, Kevin Coats

Mar 5, 2023

Chapter 7: The Two Exits

We go to the scenes of the crime in Cuba where we find “the sound” and see the human impact of the Havana Syndrome story. The US Embassy has reopened just as Cubans leave the island en masse.

Guests: Johana Tablada, Raul Rodriguez, Patrick Oppman

Feb 27, 2023

Chapter 6: A Silent Injury

A CIA officer in Moscow gets sick, and his story fundamentally changes the narrative surrounding “Havana Syndrome.” We hear first-hand accounts of Soviet radiation that go back decades, and learn that the Cold War may have never really ended.

Guests: Marc Polymeropolous, Aliza Bran, James Schumacher, Peter Kornbluh

Feb 20, 2023

Chapter 5: The Great British Nuke Off

We head to the UK to build a microwave device that could be the key to the mystery. And we take a deep-dive into the American military industrial complex to see what the future of warfare and weaponry looks like. Is Havana Syndrome just the beginning of something much scarier?

Guests: Kyle Major, James Giordano

Feb 13, 2023

Chapter 4: The Frey Effect

The story is bigger than Cuba now. Cases are being reported on nearly every continent, so some investigators propose a new, strange theory. We wade into the science to see if “Havana Syndrome” is just the latest in a long pattern of attacks using microwave energy.

Guests: Beatrice Golomb, Linda Birnbaum, David Relman, Frank Figliuzzi, Charles Kupperman

Feb 6, 2023

Chapter 3: Speak of the Devil

When recordings of a strange sound in Havana go public, some wonder if these health problems are real or imagined. We take a critical look through the research – and enlist the help of a mentalist – to try to answer the question: is this whole thing in our heads?

Guests: Robert Bartholomew, Bob Baloh, Matt Cooper

Jan 30, 2023

Chapter 2: The Immaculate Concussion

Cases are spreading. Investigators flock to Cuba and politicians look for a culprit. We break down the early investigations by the US and Cuban governments while our own ramps up. And we see a political narrative start to take shape.

Guests: Doug Ferguson, James Giordano, Johana Tablada, Mitchell Valdez-Sosa

Jan 23, 2023

Chapter 1: Jericho

There’s a mysterious outbreak of neurological problems among American spies and diplomats in Cuba. We document the first cases via never before heard accounts from Havana, while we parse through classified intelligence to learn how this all started.

Guests: Kevin Coats, Patrick Oppman


Nicky Woolf

Nicky Woolf is a terminally-online writer and journalist based between New York and London. He was a US correspondent for the Guardian, where he developed a niche reporting on the intersection of technology, culture, and politics, then left to launch New Statesman America, a new US sister-publication to the venerable British magazine.

Nicky Woolf is a writer and journalist based between London and New York. A graduate of the student newspaper (and technically the English literature department) at the University of York, he moved to Hicksville, Ohio, in 2012 to cover US politics for the New Statesman magazine, before downgrading to New York to study journalism and neuroscience at Columbia. Then he joined the Guardian as a US correspondent, reporting over the years from Silicon Valley, Capitol Hill, and pretty much everywhere inbetween, before leaving to launch New Statesman America, a new US sister-site of the venerable UK political magazine.

Over the years he became terminally online, and cultivated a masochistic niche reporting on the weird stuff that happens when technology, internet subculture, and politics meet. All that time delving into conspiracy theories, online radicalisation, information ecosystems, and the rise of the digital far right, turned his brain basically into mush - but also led him to his first foray into podcasting with Finding Q, an award-winning Audible series investigating the shadowy figures behind the movement known as Qanon.